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1957 #22 Thailand/Laos

Published 1957

All rights are reserved by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum). Any use of the footage in productions is forbidden unless rights have been secured by contacting the Penn Museum Archives at 215-898-8304, or email

This film and all of the films in the Penn Museum collection are copyrighted by the Penn Museum, and are not in the public domain.

Producer Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual silent, color


Cat. Reel 126 1957: Reel 22: Thailand and Laos. April 9-10. Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang (Laos).
Cremation parade.
Man making brooms, [mws]
Bronze casting.
Decorated vehicles on street.
Thai girls dancing to band music.
Dancers enacting a "fight".
Festival at monastery procession.
Bronze Buddha, [cu]
Market scenes.
Rice "spaghetti"; kneading "dough" and extruding.
Luang Prabang; note: necklaces; people standing in public square.
Bamboo pipeline to house.
Mekong River scenes.
Cooking, [cu]
River scenes.
Procession to temple.
Inside temple.
Big drum.
"Wheel barrow"; carrying and dumping dirt.
Small (country) shrine.
Shrine and statues of Buddha.
People eating under bamboo shelter.


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